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About Us

Hi! It all started with that full circle conversion from being a vegetarian into adapting a Keto Diet Lifestyle! The founder, Coach J (as friends and colleagues call her) or Judith Emily T. is a certified life-purpose coach who enlists home-baking as one of her hobbies.

Having converted into the Keto Diet on March 2019, a prodding from a neighbor to sell the baked goodies she makes for herself started it all. 

Keto Goodies Ph (KGPH), by God’s grace, prides itself with offering sugar-free, low carb and keto baked goodies for a wider variety of options to the health-conscious individual.  KGPH Team has successfully converted traditional bakery and pastry products to its sugar-free counterpart from savory breads, loaf breads, pastries and even customized cakes.

At present, KGPH recently launched its Keto Goodies Ph Baking Workshops with its initial debut last 2019.  From a series of hands-on baking workshops to online platforms, KGPH has conducted over 20 classes with over 200 students both local and overseas. 
To know more, go to https://www.facebook.com/KGPHbakingworkshops .

A few words from Coach J:

I started the sugar-free diet last 2019 and has never looked back! Yup, I do have a sweet tooth and converting all these delicious cakes and pastries to sugar-free have been all but fun for me!

Sharing God’s gifts (baking and coaching) to others is a life-long purpose; hence, the KGPH Baking Workshops was launched.  It is my desire to empower more people to learn how to bake their own sugar-free breads and treats and share practical tips on making them successfully.

Some tidbits about me:
I love Jesus who is my Savior, Master and Friend!
I love my family ..always!
I am a coffee lover.
I enjoy being with my dogs.
I experiment with different keto recipes and shares some of them for free.. hopefully a cookbook soon!
I pray that you will always find joy, peace, hope and love in spite of challenges that come your way and I pray most especially for better health for you and your loved ones!

Coach J

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